Volunteers are available
all year round to take you on a
tour of our community

Considering the purchase of a property in our community?


The most important thing you need to know is that the majority of available park properties are FOR SALE BY OWNER.


Pharr South maintains a list of properties for sale by the owner solely as a service to our property owners.  The list contains the owner's contact information for each property for sale.

You will communicate and deal directly with that owner.


A copy of the list can be viewed at the bottom of this page. Paper copies are also available at the park information display in the office foyer.


Some owners may elect to engage the services of a licensed agent rather than offer their Pharr South property for-sale-by-owner.  A list of properties known to be for sale by licensed agent is posted below.


Pharr South sponsors an Open House Weekend on the first weekend of each month in the winter season.  Visitors are welcome to come and tour our community. 

Owners of properties for sale are often present to open their homes to inspection at these times.


Come, visit our community and take the tour.  Uncompensated volunteers are available to conduct in-person tours of the community, discuss amenities provided, and provide a general outline of community rules. 

This information will be helpful as you consider becoming an owner.

These volunteers are not licensed real estate agents and are not qualified to provide advice regarding the purchase or sale of real estate.

Pharr South recommends that potential buyers perform all due diligence when considering a purchase including consulting competent legal counsel.


While  every effort is made to keep these lists up-to-date, there may be times when not all available properties are listed. 

It is the sole responsibility of the owner to inform that their property is for sale and to verify their property information.

Pharr South and/or its agents are not responsible for any errors or omissions related to any listing.



 The best years of your life are just ahead of you


Pharr South!

 here is the current list of properties for sale by owner

Here is the list of properties for sale by realtor or licensed representative

as reported by the owner

New Neighbors

stop by and welcome them to our community!

                              90 Blue Bonnet                180 Mistletoe                     11 Mistletoe                      165  Fern                             364 Daisy                 

                              201 Laurel                       217 Laurel                         212 Laurel                         164 Fern                              172 Fern
                              322 Pansy                       
244 Orange Blossom           319 Magnolia                     274 Painted Cup                   362 Daisy                
                              203 Laurel                       213 Laurel                         333 Sunflower                  
                             53 Orange Blossom            204 Laurel                       
62 Orange Blossom             313 Magnolia                                                  
                             32 Mistletoe                      330 Sunflower                  161 Fern                                                              


to arrange a personal tour of our community contact:

  Darlene @ 956-283-9996

Karen @ 956-283-8764



community map 


 Community-wide OPEN HOUSE

the first weekend of each month beginning in December and ending in April,

except in January open house is 2nd weekend due to the holiday.











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