Considering the purchase of a property in our community?


The most important thing you need to know is that the majority of

available park properties are FOR SALE BY OWNER.


Several individuals maintain a list of properties for sale by the owner. 

To obtain a copy of this list please contact: 

Karen Smith    956-283-8764

please note:  Pharr South is NOT involved in the organization, preparation, or distribution of this list.

click this pic to see Karen's list of properties for sale by owner


New Neighbors
stop by and make them welcome in our community!  (source:


January 2017             210 Laurel        92 Jasmine        286 Painted Cup        95 Jasmine        259 Orange Blossom         380 Pansy       200 Laurel      

February 2017           115 Laurel         15 Mistletoe         335 Sunflower        368 Daisy          61 Orange Blossom

March 2017                 277 Painted Cup            377 Pansy            129 Columbine

April 2017               201 Laurel            51 Mistletoe          

May 2017                      14 Mistletoe              230 Magnolia           299 Sagebrush  

June 2017                    344 Painted Cup       54 Orange Blossom
July 2017                37 Mistletoe

August 2017                no new neighbors

September 2017        no new neighbors

October 2017          76 Hawthorne               13 Mistletoe
November 2017       98 Jasmine
December 2017        4 Mistletoe                   22 Mistletoe  

A total of 28 New Neighbors in 2017!    


January 2018                 no new neighbors

February 2018                54 Orange Blossom          274 Painted Cup          332 Sunflower          4 Mistletoe

March 2018                     6 Mistletoe          135 Columbine         187 Sagebrush         189 Sagebrush            323 Sunflower         313 Magnolia          36 Mistletoe

April 2018                 252 Orange Blossom         226 Sagebrush              368 Daisy 

May 2018                       20 Mistletoe

June 2018                        no new neighbors

July 2018                        31 Mistletoe

August 2018                   50 Mistletoe           306 Sagebrush

September 2018           276 Painted Cup

 Some owners elect to engage the services of a licensed agent rather than 

offer their Pharr South property for-sale-by-owner.  

Please contact your favorite Realtor to learn which properties are listed.



              to request a free brochure


email us at


Pharr South

sponsors an

Open Park Weekend 

on the first weekend of each month

December to April.

Visitors are welcome to come tour our community

and check out the amenities.


 M.J. and Linda, several of the volunteers 

who are ready to give you a tour of our facilities


Here is a map of our community:

 The best years of your life are just ahead of you


Pharr South!


Mobile Home financing sources
(informational only - not endorsed or recommended by Pharr South)

21st Mortgage Corp. 
offers a program of mobile home financing

American Financial Resources
lending on new and used mobile homes with land in Texas
1-800-634-1816           in Texas: 1-800-316-9508



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