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December 8, 2018

The Board of Pharr South wishes to advise that an appointment
to fill the current vacancy for the unexpired term to 2020 will be made
at the December 20, 2018 Boad Meeting.
If you would like to be considered for appointment,
please contact any board member.

Linda Sluis, Secretary


Show Everyone Your Pharr South Pride!
These Pharr South bumper stickers are available at the park office.
Get yours today!


Have Photos of Park Activities?

Help us keep our website fresh and up-to-date plus it is fun to see ourselves and
friends having a great time on the website. Simply email to photo(s) with
a short description of the activity to:
Thank you!


Community WIFI Hot Spot

Bring your laptop or other device to any of the following locations:
Main Lobby | Library | Media Room
SE Corner of the Main Hall (near the office)
Card Rooms A & B | Pergola Area by Hot Tubs | Tables Near the Mailboxes

The WIFI Hot Spot is free to all Pharr South Residents.
No password required to log on.
Please to considerate to other residents when using the WIFI in common spaces.
Headphones are required when your sound is on.


Recycling at Pharr South

The Community Recycle Center is open from late October to April.
Please separate your items by type.
Break down all cardboard.
Place all items in the correct bin.
Please do not leave items on the ground.

All proceeds from the recycling program goes to the park general fund.

To learn more about the recycling program, contact:
Roger Schoonover (#302)
Dale LaFrentz (#375)
Ed Ransom (#33)
Larry McMahon (#342)


Pool Area Reminder

The following items are not permitted in the pool area.
Coolers | Alcohol | Glassware


Are You Interested about Windows 10?

Simply click the icon below to see a presentation on WIN10 that is part of a series by resident Henk Sluis.


Budget Funding Request Form

Committees and/or groups wishing to request funding for a specific project
MUST complete and submit a Budget Funding Request form to the Board of Directors.


2018 Architectural Committee

Purpose: Insure that homeowners comply to construction regulations on new and existing units.

Committee Members
Chairperson:      Bruce McLeod         (89 Bluebonnet)             ph: 956-215-0629 
Deputy:              John Danielson       (62 Orange Blossom)      ph: 956-702-6804

Member:            Charles Campbell    (194 Sagebrush)             ph: 956-702-2171 
Alternate:          Darryl Michel          (312 Magnolia)               ph: 956-429-1352
Alternate:          Fred Culver            (74 Orange Blossom)       ph: 956-685-5023

Alternates serve only in the absence of a regular member, with the same authority. Decisions of the Architectural Committee require the signature of a minimum of two members.


2017 Welcoming Committee

Purpose: Maintain a "Welcoming Information Package",
answer new owner's questions about our community and
provide a welcome for new guests, renters, and homeowners.

Chair | Jimmy Groll
Member | Pat McLeod
Member | Carol Ransom


Hot Tubs Maintenance

For your safety and at the direction of the County Health Department,
hot tubs will be closed on day a month for maintenance and sanitation.
Check board for schedule.



The speed limit within the part is 15 mph.
The speed limit applies to all vehicles and bicycles, golf carts, scooters .

Digital Speed Limit Sign Shows How Fast You Are Going,
If the signs is aglow – you need to slow down!


What District Are You In?

Check the map below and join your district by:
•  attending your district meetings
•  participating in your district activities
PLUS: voting at park-wide meetings is by district.

2018 District Directors are Members of the Board of Directors
District 1 | Mike Nolen
District 2 | Fern Ogans
District 3 | Ruth Soleman
District 4 | Jack Stevens
District 5 | Scott Vettleson


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