Rules and Regulations

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Click here for Temporary Variance Request Form

A Temporary Variance Request Form MUST be completed for ALL requests.
All Temporary Variance requests MUST be approved by the Board of Directors prior to any action being taken by the homeowner.


Click here for Medical Variance Request Form

A Medical Variance Request Form MUST be completed for ALL requests.
All Medical Variance requests MUST be approved by the Board of Directors prior to any action being taken by the homeowner.


Click here for Complaint Form

Residents wishing to make complaints regarding violations of the Covenants, By-Laws, Rules & Regulations or
Policies of Pharr South must complete, sign, and submit the Complaint Form to the Pharr South Office.




The Park has an Architectural Committee to oversee property changes within the community.  Everything from renovations, to the addition of Texas rooms, to brand new homes must have a park permit issued by this committee.

The committee was formed by the Board of Directors to assure that current park property rules and covenants are enforced and also to protect the rights and interests of adjoining neighbors when changes are made to any property. 

ALL changes to property MUST be reviewed by the committee. 

The committee has created a standardized application form which must be completed for ANY and ALL external changes.  This form is available at the office or from any committee member.

Siding or skirting, reshingling a roof, replacing existing windows, or the replacement of damage due to insect infestation, does not require approval.

For work such as, but not limited to, new additions or outbuildings, new roofs which require framing, carports, patios, porches, stairs, concrete-grass-stone work, or any change to the property "footprint" the owner must submit a completed application to inform the park in detail of the work to be completed.

Such work will require a drawing attached to the application which shows all the work to be done and its relationship to the property lines.  Property owners must locate a minimum of two corner survey pins before a review can begin.  In those cases where the corner pins cannot be located a new survey will be required.

The committee has up to 60 days following the submission of a properly completed application to approve, reject, or return any submission. Decisions will be in writing, usually in the space provided on the original application form.  Applications which, in the opinion of the committee, are incomplete, inaccurate, or unclear will be returned.

Applicants will receive an index of the Architectural requirements of the Park's covenants when they pick up the application form.  This index will help the applicant to locate within the covenants the park's rules on such work.

Please understand that holding a permit issued by the park does not remove the additional task of obtaining a building permit from the City of Pharr.  In most cases BOTH are required.

Committee members are available to discuss your project before you complete the application.  This will help eliminate confusion and avoid delays.

A list of Committee members and their phone numbers is posted in the main lobby.

source:  Architectural Committee brochure - 2015


The rejection of any application by the Architectural Committee may be appealed to the Board of Directors provided that the applicant has complied with all requirements of the Committee.


Failure to abide by any park covenant may result in loss of park privileges and/or a daily fine of $20 per violation as determined by the Board of Directors.

Current Architectural Committee members:

Purpose - Insure that homeowners comply to construction regulations on new and existing units.


Chair person:      Bruce McLeod         (89 Bluebonnet)          ph: 956-215-0629  

deputy:              John Danielson       (62 Orange Blossom)     ph: 956-702-6804

member:            Charles Campbell    (194 Sagebrush)           ph: 956-702-2171            

alternate:           Fred Culver           (74 Orange Blossom)     ph:  956-685-5023

Alternates serve whenever a member is unavailable. Alternates have the same authority as the member in whose place they are serving.

A minimum of two members of the Architectural Committee must  "sign off"  on an application  before the determination of the committee is final.

an index to help locate the related building rules is available by clicking on the word RULES below:

Budget Funding Request Form

Committees and/or groups wishing to request funding

in the next budget year

for a specific project MUST complete and submit this form

to the Board of Directors



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